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As ...enlightening and, uplifting as that was, I am pleased to be myself once more! Let me tell you, it was scary being in that city and as a troll no less!

Ah, but perhaps they aren't all bad...

[The Dranei giggles suddenly, nervously, as if she knows something everyone else doesn't, then quickly cuts it off with a low, amused cough..]

Aaaanyway! What all did people bring back with them? I found some useful things, I think! Let me tell you, I am glad to smell fresh air once more, isn't everyone else?
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Ah! Come along, little moth!

[There's a fluttering sound and then the Draenei can be heard crashing through the underbrush, likely holding the communicator in her hands. Her voice sounds cheerful enough at the moment as she heads towards the town.]

Thanks to the- to Aureln, I was able to learn a little more about the crafting of jewelry! Isn't that exciting? Perhaps these fae creatures like such things, and we could...use them somehow? An offering of sorts or something to some of them?

[It's just a suggestion, mind you, her tone seems to say as she reaches the inn, her hooves clopping on the floor.]

Aah. Better to be here than out there, I think! You should all come and join me! Lunch will be ready soon!

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[The communicator flips on with a rush of static, followed by an incredulous laugh from a woman. Her voice is pleasant to listen to, if somewhat heavily accented voice.]

This must be some sort of Gnomish design! A new buzzbox, perhaps? How incredible!

[She's eager to figure out more about the strange construct in her hands, pressing buttons. Her muttered words are lost here and there for a moment as she fiddles, before coming in again stronger, briefly flicking the screen on to reveal a glowing white eye. Then the device is flipped over, showing the ground and a modest, floor-length yellow skirt]

I wonder who dropped it! I'll have to hold onto it until I find out, that is, I...


This does not look like BloodMyst Isle...come to think of it. Or...Elwynn Forest, for that matter, either.

[Perplexed for a moment, she pauses, as if gathering her bearings once more before huffing very gently. almost as soon as the uncertainty creeps in though it's squashed down with an overly cheerful tone.]

I could not have wandered far! It will not take long for me to get back, I imagine!


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