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[The first thing apparent is a blue, glittery...thing. It hovers over the screen before pale blue fingers lift it away, revealing it to be the overlarge moth that Méabh keeps around as a pet. She grins at the screen before stepping back, revealing herself to be wearing the blue dress which is definitely cut to show every curve.]

Isn't it pretty?! So soft and silky! What a lovely gift!

[She twirls, the skirt belling upwards gracefully before settling once more. With her hands on her hips she winks at the screen before turning, her arms rising above her head, holding her hair up.]

Myhrta, what do you think? Does it suit me?
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[Perhaps to counteract the morose and serious moods that have plagued everyone as of late, Méabh is outside, a large blue moth floating near her shoulder. She reaches up to pet it gently before turning to the screen. those glowing white eyes are fixed on the screen as she leans forward, waving.]

Well! Now, with the excitement over, we should make out own excitement! An excitement of good things, not kidnapping nor unhappiness!

[So there! She'd nodding in agreement with her own words, one hand resting on her hip as she watches the screen, as if waiting for others to agree with her.]

What we should do is welcome the newcomer and celebrate that we are safe and alive! True, we are not home...but we will find a way there, in time. Until then, we will make the most of what we do have!

[Bounce bounce bounce, moth following as she disappears off screen for a moment before returning.]

Come! Come and rejoice with me!

[OOC: This is Méabh trying to be positive! She's outside the inn with her Mothy]


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