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[The Draenei isn't looking at the screen at the moment. She's merely fiddling with the communicator now and then, staring forward. She's in the forest; rushing water can be heard nearby even if it isn't seen. At her side, resting on her shoulder is her pet moth, fluttering it's wings now and then as it waits for her to do something. Meabh pets it gently before turning her attention away, letting the communicator rest on the ground infront of her. When she speaks, her voice is soft, eyes closing.]

The earth beneath my feet forms the foundation for all things. The sky, the waters, even great fire - all rest upon its shoulders. While those others often form chaotic tempests, the earth abides.

[She takes a slow, deep breath, completing the words.]

...It grants strength and fortitude to the core of my being.

[She's silent for a long time, perhaps straining in some fashion to hear or feel anything from the elements. When at last her eyes do open, there is a profound disappointment.]

There must be a way to gain the trust of these elements...
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I don't see what's so bad 'bout dis, mon!

[Someone's obviously gotten used to her form already Her gait isn't as graceful, true, but she walks with confidence, holding the communicator up, offering a toothy grin.]

It could be much worse! Ya seen some of dese orc women?

[Snickering, she sashays through the trade center, pausing for a moment at one of the vendors. When attention is diverted away she turns to the screen, winking playfully.]

So...what I need ta bring back with' me! Besides my normal good looks, ya?


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