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How exactly do you crash into a planet? That's what I want to know

Yes, they are real, and they can cut glass.

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Birthdate:Oct 26

"Single Draenei female seeks blacksmith with grinding wheel to take care of me and my gorgeous hooves."

Name: Méabh
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman


Méabh's a bundle of energy. She's young for her race and enjoys simply having fun, at times finding it hard to balance with the responsibilities of being a shaman in training. Still, when the time comes, she can be serious and work-minded, if only long enough to get the job done and done well. She's a horrible flirt, and anything male (or sometimes female) of attractive appearance is likely going to find themselves on the receiving end of a few goodnatured pick-up lines here or there. It's all in good fun as far as she's concerned, and there's nothing really wrong with being a bit of a lecher, right?

...Okay yes, she is the type to sneak up and spy on a handsome man while he's having a bath, but what's the harm in that, really? Likely, she'd allow the favor to be returned!

Mark well that this doesn't mean that Méabh is loose. She flirts, and she's proud of her body, but she isn't a slut, or interested in sex with everything cute that moves. She has standards, and is even a bit of a closet romantic. She wouldn't mind finding someone nice to ...continue her quests with...maybe someone strong and handsome, someday! It could get really mushy from there, but just suffice to say she has her ideals, and while she doesn't mind playing the field a little, she has an eventual potential goal in mind. And while romance and dreams are important, it's been drilled into her, however gently by those around her that there are far more important things out there to worry about than finding a lover.

Still, that won't stop her from being eternally curious and the type to ask a thousand questions about something seemingly simple that she has no outward knowledge of (be it personal or otherwise at times). The best way to learn, after all, is to be taught by others, meshed with personal experiences, and Méabh is ready to throw herself into this form of thinking for the sake of new knowledge!

...Okay, and perhaps a few red faces.


Roleplay character for [info]demeleier
In-game Realm: Trollbane
Guild: Insert Gnome Here
Méabh was created and is played by [info]silver_foxglove

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