Jan. 6th, 2015

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Sample Journal Post: [[ VOICE/VIDEO ]]

[The communicator flips on with a rush fo static, followed by an incredulous laugh from a woman. Her voice is pleasant to listen to, if somewhat heavily accented voice.]

This must be some sort of Gnomish design! A new buzzbox, perhaps? How incredible!

[She's eager to figure out more about the strange construct in her hands, pressing at the buttons to make something happen. Her muttered words are lost here and there for a moment as she fiddles, before coming in again stronger, briefly flicking the screen on to reveal a glowing blueish-white eye. Then the device is flipped over, showing the ground and a modest, floor-length purple skirt with what looks to be a hoof peaking out from beneath. The view only lasts for a few seconds, as the device promptly finds it's home nestled into her breastplate. Static flickers on the screen before it goes black, her muffled voice coming in faintly.]

I wonder who dropped it! I'll have to hold onto it until I find out, that is, I...


I do not believe that I have seen this area of the Highlands before...

[Perplexed for a moment, she pauses, as if gathering her bearings once more before huffing very gently. almost as soon as the uncertainty creeps in though it's squashed down with an overly cheerful tone.]

I could not have wandered far! It will not take long for me to get back, I imagine!

Sample Post : Méabh pocketed the strange buzzbox after a moment, glancing around once more in a wary manner. The forest was alive around her with the song of birds, and the gentle rustle of wind in the trees. All seemed peaceful, and yet...

...And yet it was wrong to her still, somehow. As if there were eyes in the forest, watching her unseen, and yet she at the same time she couldn't sense anyone close by. Confused, the Draenei girl checked her pack, rummaging with one gloved hand for the small white hearthstone that would return her to her people. She always kept it within easy reach in a pocket near the top of the bag, but for some reason it seemed-


Well, this was a predicament. Wary now, Méabh dropped a hand to her hip, fingering the hilt of her mace thoughtfully. It was still there, a comfortably weight that gave her a sense of safety. Surely her hearthstone had simply been misplaced! Yes...that was it. Whistling softly, she relaxed (if only a fraction) as a furry blue insect bunted into the side of her head befor eperchign on her shoulder. Her pet moth was safe, and that had to stand for something, right? Now, there was simply the task of returning to where she needed to be!

"Mm, I suppose I will simply have to hoof it." and she tittered softly at her own (bad) joke, shouldering her back once more as she began to walk down the barely-there pathway. The trees were bent and twisted above her, offering a cold shade that made her shiver. But she could see buildings ahead, and cautiously picked her way towards it, ever wary for it to be an unfriendly city. The architecture looked human, which was heartening...and yet at the same time she couldn't remember ever having visited the place before...

"Where have I ended up this time..." she wondered aloud as she slunk closer, making her way slowly towards the inn. Surely the innkeep would have answers for her!

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